What is Laminate Flooring?
Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic fibreboard product fused together with a lamination process. It is quick to install, easy to maintain and affordable when compared to alternative flooring options such as hardwood and carpet. Choose a laminate floor to match the style of your home and reap the benefits for years to come. We supply and install laminate flooring to homes, offices and other business premises in Banchory and throughout Aberdeenshire – always to a quality standard.

Glue or Glueless-Click Laminate Flooring?
We stock a variety of laminate floor styles including smooth, textured, distressed and embossed. Different styles mimic different appearances used to enhance existing interior designs. The two main installation types for laminate flooring are glueless-click (an easy to install, glueless, click-lock laminate floor that makes installation quicker and easier) and glue laminate (which makes for a strong floor once installed and can be fitted anywhere in your home or office, including bathrooms).


Wood Laminate

Wood laminate flooring mimics the appearance of natural wood and guarantees a durable, waterproof, easy to clean and easy to install laminate surface.

Stone Laminate

Stone laminate flooring mimics marble, limestone and other stone types that can be expensive and take time to install. Stone laminate flooring is a great alternative which provides the appearance and elegance of stone, but a lot more affordable and practical in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Tiled Laminate

Tiled laminate flooring gives a realistic and modern tile appearance to your floor and comes with additional benefits including easy installation, scratch resistant quality and durability for rooms with heavy footfall.

Plastic Laminate

Plastic laminate flooring can mimic and substitute any look you want for your home flooring – whether it be colours, tiles, natural wood, stone, hardwood or more.