At Duncans of Banchory, carpet flooring is one of the most popular flooring services we offer. We bring warmth, quality and comfort to your living room, bedroom or even to your commercial property. Carpet is a textile floor with backing and an upper layer of fibres that come in variety of colours, patterns, weight, density and materials. All carpet flooring comes with free measuring and quotation; we can also deliver and fit your carpet for you.

Pattern Carpet

High cut and lower loops create a variety of sculptured patterns on the carpet surface. These effects are known to add depth, dimension and texture to a room.

Frieze Carpet

Frieze flooring, also known as ‘Twists’, include Shags and Cable flooring. These flooring types incorporate twisted yarn that gives frieze a long and floppy appearance. A highly durable solution which hides tracks and dirt – ideal for heavy traffic areas such as shops and offices.

Plush Carpet

Plush carpet flooring is often referred to as velvet flooring due to its high-density appearance. Compared to other types of cut pile, plush carpet flooring has a much more formal and elegant aesthetic.

Texture Carpet

The fibres of textured carpet flooring or cut pile are curled, which reduces light reflection. This means the effects of footfall do not show up as much as other carpet pile types.


Sound & Safety
Unlike hardwood flooring which carries echo and noise, carpet adds insulation and absorbs sound that is being caused by footfall and heavy traffic. This makes carpet an ideal and safe flooring option for busy family environments or commercial spaces.

Warmth & Insulation
Carpet adds an extra thickness to your flooring which provides the ultimate comfort. The extra insulation is cost effective when compared to hardwood floors as it retains the warmth inside your home or office. The reduction in heat loss can mean cost savings to heating bills and a much more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Style & Affordability
Carpet flooring provides a wide variety of options to suit all home décor styles and budgets.